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I am one angry mo fo.....

BAlphaa: hey
carebeargonerong: im pissed
BAlphaa: why
carebeargonerong: because davgid is a DICK!
carebeargonerong: I'm so single now
carebeargonerong: I dont want anything to do with him....
BAlphaa: good choice
carebeargonerong: ugh!
carebeargonerong: i just wanna... cut myself up or something
BAlphaa: dont do that
carebeargonerong: cha....
carebeargonerong: and why not
BAlphaa: because that is stupid and its not your fault hes such a dick
carebeargonerong: *screams*
carebeargonerong: and you know what this is all over?
carebeargonerong: oh.... i didnt even tell you the story...
carebeargonerong: do you mind if i bitch?
carebeargonerong: you seem to be the only one that will talk to me who makes me feel better
BAlphaa: good ahead and bitch
BAlphaa: i do it all the time
carebeargonerong: Ok... well today was shit... I'm pissed about my maht grade *78.9* and so i was already pissed.... then i got to davids and he had a serious attitude because "i didnt get there when he wanted me too" SO we proceeded to bitch at eachother for a few minutes, and then his mom called an he told her that the dog got into the trash and spread her tampons and stuff all over the house
carebeargonerong: so she asked him to pick it up, and he said that he souldnt have to do that...
carebeargonerong: so he asked me if i would do it, and i finally agreed just to be nice... and he got even more of an attitude... THEN he asked me for sex and when i told him fuck no he got EVEN madder!
carebeargonerong: THEN
carebeargonerong: We went and picked my sister up from school and he bithced at me all the way there about nothing at all... so my tolerance level was going WAY WAY down... then we dropped her off and got money for gas and while i was punping gas, he went next door to animal house... well i was done and he was still inside so i figured i would pull around to the back and go in with him
carebeargonerong: so i left and was pulling in and he called me up and started bitching that i left.... well after we went inside for a bit, we went to mcdonalds on his request... and from there *i was cooled down now, and he was too* we went to teh other animal house and hung out there for a bit talking to Amy... and then we went back to my house to drop my lizard off... and i found that my senior pics got there... so naturally... i wanted to look at him... and he got all huffy because he didnt want be there....
carebeargonerong: so we went from there to his job *paintin an apartment building* where we proceeded to do nothing at all.... we got bitched at by HIS mom and then we left.... and went to his house... he then asked for sex again and when i said no he sprayed me in teh face with febreeze... which got in my eyes and BURNED the hell out of them.. it got under my contacts....
carebeargonerong: so i got bitchy and yelled at him and he started saying i needed to be with his best friend well... ex bestfriend ray... and he started calling me a slut and a whoer and a prostitute and all that shit just to piss me off and i got my camera and there was a cord missing and i just asked him to find it because it was his responsibility to take care of it when he was borrowing it... well while we were fighting his dog again gotinto the trash and he said that his mom had asked me to clean it up... and i forgot to... so i left ALL kinds of pissed off
carebeargonerong: and i was on the road, and he called me up and yelled at me because i didnt clean up the mess and i said whatever... and he told me to get my ass back there and clean it up... so i hung up and headed back *to avoid more fighting* and he called while i was a block away so i yelled at him.... and i cleaned it up and went into his room and told him "i hope you are happy with my cleaning sir..."
and he said "you lost me forever when you yelled at me again bitch"
so then i left and havent talked to him since and im furious!
carebeargonerong: thank you for your time
carebeargonerong: :-)
BAlphaa: no problem
BAlphaa: you shouldnt ever get involved with him again
BAlphaa: EVER!

and the purpose of this entry was... if i had only not answered the phone on the way back... maybe... just maybe... he could still love me. :'(
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