Elizabeth Sarah* (ex_dreaminnd1) wrote in rewriteable,
Elizabeth Sarah*

1) What is your name and asl? Liz and im 21/f/australia
2) What is your biggest accomplishment from a major mistake? hrrm, alot of things come to mind, but eh, i suppose lying to the friends i had, because i was very depressed and wanted to end my life, i had a great life and thought things were going right for me till i felt this way, ended up having to change schools, the friends who i lied to hate me and still do, but ive moved on with my life and feel that i am happier now then to what i was then. surprisingly.
3) What could you do for this community? be my self..if needed i could do whatever you'd like me to do..except some things of course..
4) Would you be willing to "rant" on this journal? why of course!
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