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Rant: Advice (Cross Posted onto my personal journal)

So anyways, I was thinking to myself about things that bother me and I came up with a really good one. Thought I'd share since I share most of the other thoughts and such that pass through my head.

I think I'm beginning to resent those who ask me for advice in any specific area. I don't mean anything that relates to a subject that I actually know something about and they're clueless about but I'm talking about people who ask for my opinion on something, pretend they're listening, and then do the exact opposite of whatever I advised.

They waste my time, my thoughts, and my energy forcing me to ponder their problem to come up with an honest solution and I do. Anything I ever tell anyone concerning a problem I tell them with every honest inkling I have. Then the person goes and asks other people which I hate because then what was the point of asking me if they just go ask fifty other people for the same thing. I hate it when after I do give whatever I have to offer and they say something like "Oh, but so and so said..." Fuck so and so if someone comes to me for something then so and so's opinion doesn't matter until the person asking has really thought of whatever it is they've been offered.

But you know what I hate the most about people who ask for advice?
When you give them the best advice possible, they go and do the exact opposite, and then come crying because everything backfired. What do you say to these people exactly without sounding like an arrogent (son of a) bitch? Then they start asking what they should do to fix whatever problem it is that they have.

It's a cycle.
A vicious cycle.

Me, personally, I don't go to other people for much advice. The way I see it no person has ever gone through anything the exact same way that I went through, nor do they have the thought process that I possess. Asking for advice seems kind of meaningless in the long run because of that.

I ask what people think a lot though. Just an opinion, just to see what they say. If they agree, if they disagree and if they do disagree then I ask why and they'll tell me and I'll consider it. I suppose I am like any other person that asks for an opinion on something. I mean usually if someone does come up with something that doesn't seem to make any sense then I through it out, but I atleast think about it first. It just doesn't seem like the people in said rant ever do.

That's it.
Thanks for reading.
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